Advanced Security offers cost-effective security training programs in a comfortable and modern training center. In order to work as a Security Guard in Ontario, you must complete a training course and obtain your Ontario Security Guard License

We offer a variety of courses including:

  • Security Guard Certification Course
  • Security Guard Supervisor
  • Security Training Advanced
  • Radio Operators Course
  • Specialized Client Security Training
    • Industrial Security
    • Education Facility Security
    • Casino Security
    • Transportation Security
    • Personal Security Detail
  • Health and Safety
    • WHMIS
    • SmartServe
    • First Aid Emergency, Standard, Wilderness, Defib, CPR, First Responder
    • Fire Equipment and Safety

Training Philosophy

Advanced Security trainers are highly qualified individuals with significant experience in security and related sectors, including Correctional Services and the Military. This is important because we believe that our instructors must be able to provide and discuss real-life examples of the concepts they teach in our certification courses.

We recognize that individuals have many different ways of learning. We try to incorporate universal principles of learning design in our training programs. That means that whenever possible, our trainers find ways of teaching that appeal to and connect with all types of learners. Participants in any given course may encounter practical activities, videos, discussion groups and role plays, among other teaching activities.

We are committed to helping our learners succeed so that they are prepared to take the Ontario Security Guard License test and become certified professionals.