Loss Prevention

Advanced Security offers several types of loss prevention services to suit your circumstances and budget. Every day, Canadian retailers lose $10.8M from “shrinkage”, either through shoplifting or theft, for an annual loss of $4B (Price Waterhouse Coopers. 2012; Canadian Retail Security Survey 2012). Depending on the nature of your business, this could range between 0.4% to 2.2% of annual sales. That can be a significant dent in your bottom line.

Our security personnel are trained and motivated to reduce shrinkage and losses due to theft. Combining undercover guards with surveillance technology is the best defense against theft and fraud, and can actually pay for itself over time. We can also help you determine what kind of security program is best for your needs. Some of the loss prevention services we provide include:

  • Undercover security guards to deter and apprehend shoplifters
  • Closed Circuit TV monitoring
  • Mystery shopping to ensure employees are following loss prevention procedures
  • Advice on Loss Prevention Standards and Policies
  • Store security audits