Private Investigations
A number of solutions to offer clients to complete any assignment.

    Advanced Investigations has a team of corporate investigators who have the experience and background which allow them to be highly adaptable in any environment.  We have a number of solutions to offer clients to complete any assignment.

    Our corporate investigation team has experience in:

    • Surveillance
    • Undercover workplace investigations
    • Employee Misconduct investigations
    • Counterfeit / Intellectual property investigations
    • Trademark infringement
    • Labour risk management
    • Social Media investigations
    • Threat-Risk assessments

    Our experienced investigators, coupled with current technology and knowledge of our work environment, assure that Advanced Investigations will produce reliable evidence to decision makers within the insurance industry. We provide our services to insurers, claims and legal departments throughout Ontario.

    These services include:

    • Surveillance
    • Theft Investigations
    • Witness locates & Interviews
    • Cargo Loss Investigations
    • Host Liability Investigations
    • Social Media Investigations
    • Scene Security & Examination

    It is a recognizable required function within our investigative provision of services for the need of a specialized cargo crime investigative branch established to reduce and mitigate losses and subsequent claims traditionally associated with Transport, Rail, Air and Marine Cargo.

    Our Cargo Crime Branch can assist you with:

    • Theft Prevention
    • Theft Investigations & Recovery
    • Undercover operations
    • GPS tracking
    • Supply chain audits
    • Employee backgrounds and screening
    • Physical Security

    Technical Forensic Investigations is a rapidly growing and constantly changing field.  Our Technical Forensic Investigators are experienced in the methods and procedures for identifying, acquiring and analyzing evidence pertaining to criminal matters, policy contraventions and civil litigation.

    We have experience working on cases involving but not limited to:

    • Data Forensics & Examinations
    • IT Security
    • Computer Security Audits
    • Harassment
    • Financial Investigations

    Advanced Investigations works closely with a team of Forensic Accountants. We provide an end to end solution for financial investigations. Our services include:

    Loss Qualification

    • Product liability
    • Professional negligence
    • Property and income loss
    • Wrongful dismissal
    • Loss of business income
    • Inventory loss
    • Asset misappropriation
    • Replacement Income Verification

    Investigative Discovery

    • Fraud/theft related matters
    • Insurance
    • Employee theft
    • Financial statement manipulation
    • Shareholder/Partnership disputes
    • Hidden assets
    • Unreported income
    • Hidden liabilities
    • Secret commissions
    • Supplier kickbacks
    • Billing schemes