Exceeding provincial standards

The province of Ontario requires that all security guards have appropriate training and a valid license. To be eligible for a license, you must:

  1. Be 18 years or older
  2. Be eligible to work in Canada
  3. Have a clean criminal record

We make sure that Advanced Security professionals are among the most highly skilled available, by providing in-house training that meets and sometimes exceeds provincial certification standards. Participants who complete our Security Guard Professionals Course are well-prepared to write the Ontario Ministry of Community and Safety Services Security Guard License test. We provide a comprehensive training program that prepares our staff members to maintain safe, secure environments in a wide range of settings, while effectively serving our clients and the public at large.

Our 40-hour course includes these topics:

  • Introduction to the Security Industry
  • Ontario Security Services regulations: The Private Security and Investigative Services Act, 2005 (PSISA)
  • Basic Security Procedures
  • Emergency Response Protocols
  • Health and Safety
  • Legal Authorities
  • Canadian Legal System
  • Effective Communications and Interpersonal Relations
  • Cultural Awareness and Sensitivity Training
  • Use of Force Theory
  • First Aid Certification