A First Nation Responsibility in Northern Ontario

As has been highlighted over the last several decades – all governments, municipalities, major industry such as mining, and the First Nation communities of Northern Ontario collaborate, understand and develop relationships where lands are utilized based on the 5 Treaties of Northern Ontario.

These agreements were signed between 1781 and 1930. Historically, The Crown, or British Crown, referred to the reigning monarch of Canada, such as Queen Victoria, King Edward VII or King George V. Today, it refers to the federal and provincial governments.

Advanced Security’s long work and relationship building history in Northern Ontario has brought together partnerships and a work force made up historical immigrating culturals into Northern Ontario and the indigenous populations of Northern Ontario into a harmonious security service industry.

These Treaties have and will continue to play an important role in the management of lands and resources in Ontario – a matter that Advanced Security respects and will continue to foster harmonious relationships in business security service delivery and adaptable business relationships and partnerships to satisfy the needs of all parties.